Window Tint Removal

How To Remove Your Own Window Tint

Window tint removal can be pretty straight forward and in many cases you might be able to peel off many chunks of the film at a time. In case you are a Do It Yourself kind of person, below we will show you how to remove most tint off your car, home, or office windows. Please read the instructions completely before starting out and if you ever feel in doubt, give us a call. We’ll take care of removing your window tint for you.

You’ll need

1. A box of really sharp good blades, you will most likely use several during the tint removal process.
2. A good locking scraper, these type aren’t sharp but do have and must have smooth non-corroded edges on them. You can find these at most general stores from Walmart to Ace. Make sure they are smooth and straight as you can permanently damage the glass if not.
3. Soapy water solution, preferably in a spray bottle.

Removing My Own Window Tint

Start with the car window in a partially down position, about 1/4 or 1/2 way down. Carefully, use the edge of a razor blade to lift a corner edge of the tint film. Shimmy with the scraper blade downwards, freeing more and more of the tint as possible, then grab the tint and pull away from window. If the tint tears start a new edge and repeat. Once you have removed the tint it will most likely leave the adhesive residue.

Spray the window with soapy water. Start with a new blade and using long even smooth strokes start to scrape the window. Pay particular attention to the edges. Keeping the window wet at all times continue scraping until all glue is gone. If your blades starts missing spots of glue get a new blade.

Once you have this portion of the window clean roll the window up and repeat procedure on the lower portion. Pay close attention when scraping the bottom edge where the door felt is glue hides here and also you don’t want to damage the rubber piece.

If this works with one window, it will most likely work on all windows including those triangle ones at the back and front of some vehicles. As you will find out the biggest issue here when removing tint film from a window yourself is the time that it can take and this is dependent on the initial quality of the installation, the material itself, wear and tear and of course your patience. 

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