All window tint is not created equal.

We don’t like the look of purple bubbly tint and we don’t think you do either. Dyed film is the industry standard of window tint. Some begin to go bad as soon as one year after the installation. These are the SUPER CHEAP guys that run around in trucks doing tint as they will NEVER see you again! Once your tint has gone bad it’s a terrible eyesore. The cost for tint removal can range from $80-$150, not to mention what you’ll be paying to re-tint the vehicle. There’s a reason we’re not the cheapest, our products are the highest quality available and we believe customers deserve the best. Our film is guaranteed for as long as you own the vehicle.
If you’re interested in maximum heat rejection there’s only one product for you “High Performance Carbon”. Many customers believe that if you go darker with your tint you’ll have more performance. That’s just not true. Not many tint shops will tell you what their products do. We have a demonstration that will show you how well our films perform against the heat. Our ceramic tint will simply blow you away with it’s performance. It’s color comes from a natural source so it’s guaranteed never to fade. This film comes with a lifetime warranty as well.

Window tint installation is definitely not equal.

When it comes to window tinting you have many options to get film on your windows. But how many of those options are actually good for you. At Universal Tinting™ here in El Paso, Texas we feel that our experience, training and our dedication to being the best in the industry sets us apart.

Sure, one of your cheapest options is to have your windows your windows tinted at the nearest parking lot. It sounds convenient and definitely cheap right now but don’t be fooled by the low price. You’re being tricked into believing that the same kid that installing tinting film can be done by any goof in the streets, and that anyone can be qualified to properly install a quality long lasting product on you vehicle.
Then there’s the 1 stop shop offering everything from stereos to oil changes. Come on! And lastly let’s not forget the ever “faithful” mobile window tinter. Do you really want to let someone try to do a quality install in a parking lot in the middle of the summer? Would you let someone paint your car in your driveway? We would think not. These guys are notorious for not showing up and heaven forbid you ever need service that doesn’t involve you paying them; like a warranty issue.
We’re not trying to imply that window tinting is rocket science but it is a skilled trade. Don’t believe us? Call down to the temporary agency and tell them you need a window tinter for the day. Windows tinting for us is a passion and we are the best in the business at it.